New Life for Old Tubs

We offer a range of services to help restore bathrooms and kitchens. When refinishing these surfaces it brightens up your home or apartment to give a clean, new appearance.

We can completely refinish an entire area or repair individual spots or cracks. The material we use to coat the surface is a high gloss with elastameric qualities.

Below is a list of some of the surfaces that we can bring back to life:


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  • Porcelain Sinks
  • Porcelain Bathtubs
  • Wall Sinks
  • Bath Bowls
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Kitchen Counter Tops



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  • Fiberglass Bathtubs
  • Fiberglass Showers
  • Pedestal Sinks
  • Vanity Counter Tops
  • Tile Surrounds
  • Wall Surrounds



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  • Crack & Chip Repair
  • Plumbers Cutouts
  • Terrazzo Pans
  • Complete Support & Cutouts

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Don’t replace! Refinish

The most popular method for bathtub restoration is reglazing. The bathtub is professionally cleaned with a high-power industrial cleaner and chemically etched or sanded to prepare the surface for the new finish.

Existing chips and hair-line cracks are filled and treated. Another widespread method that apartment complexes and hotels use is a bathtub liner. The bathtub remains in place and is completely covered with a form-fitted liner. There is no demolition to walls or plumbing.


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Click the image below to view samples:



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