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American Bathtub Refinishers Guarantee

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American Bathtub Refinishers does hereby agree to guarantee the new finish against all defects of workmanship and materials for a period of FIVE years from the date of completion shown hereon.

PROVIDING: 1. That no abrasive cleaners, acids, toilet bowl cleaners, or any product not recommended by American Bathtub Refinishers for cleaning be used in the cleaning of the refinished fixture. 2. That the fixture not be used for a period of 3 days for solid colors or 24 hours for multi-spec.  This Guarantee is against fading, peeling, or cracking of the finish, but does not cover chipping from object being dropped on the finish, slashing due to use of a sharp object, or an item being knocked up against it.  If the fixture does require a touch up or redoing, and falls within the limits of this guarantee – all work and material will be supplied at no cost.

PLEASE! Remember, it takes 3 days for solids or 24 hours for multi spec for the new finish on your fixture to cure properly – To protect your guarantee please don’t use it before the full cure time of your product.  Also, there is nothing that will protect your fixture against the destructive power of grit cleaners or acid – so please don’t use them!

CARE INSTRUCTION: We recommend Gel Gloss Cleaner 409 or Fantastic that do not contain any of the following: DO NOT USE chlorine, bleach, ammonia, acids or abrasives.  Do not use suction cups.

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